International Human Rights
Bogle & Chang, LLC fight for those rights recognized by the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international
human rights treaties.  Bogle & Chang’s goals are to protect the
human rights of our clients, and to advance the development of
international human rights law.  We represent victims of human
rights violations in international tribunals, and filing amicus briefs
before such tribunals.  These international tribunals include:
•        Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
•        Inter-American Court of Human Rights
•        European Court of Human Rights
•        African Commission on Human and People's Rights
•        International Court of Justice
•        International Criminal Court

International Trade and Business Transactions
Bogle & Chang, LLC International Group represents domestic,
global businesses and individuals with dealings in the global
marketplace.  We handle a broad spectrum of matters, including
commercial and financial transactions, immigration, foreign and
U.S. investments, real estate, distribution of goods, trade,
import/export, franchising and company formations.  Matters
include anti-dumping and countervailing duties, customs exports
and foreign direct investment.  We handle international
transactions, trade litigation and agency representation, trade
policy, World Trade Organization, and other foreign sovereign
claims for its clients.

Our lawyers bring a wide range of legal, cultural, linguistic, and
geographical skills and experience when serving clients with
international needs.  Although we seek favorable settlement
whenever possible, we are unrelenting in prosecuting and
defending our clients' positions through trial, if necessary.  
Typical International Business Services
•        NAFTA, MERCOSUR, and WTO Issues
•        Interpretation of U.S./Foreign Tax Treaties
•        Export Licensing
•        Labor and Employment including Expatriate Issues
•        Foreign Investments in U.S. Enterprises
•        Foreign Investments in U.S. Real Estate
•        Immigration Matters
•        Foreign Sales Corporations
•        Foreign Subsidiaries of U.S. Corporations  
•        International Sales Representative and Distribution
•        International Franchising
•        United Nations Convention on the International Sale of  
•        U.S. Customs Country of Origin labeling requirements
•        Trade and Business Transactions

International Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration

Bogle & Chang, LLC International Law Group handles
contentious litigation and arbitration in courts and tribunals
across the United States and around the world.  

We represent United States and non-U.S. clients in transnational
disputes.  Whether it is litigation in Jamaica, arbitration in Mexico,
or settlement negotiations in England, we get the job done
•        Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
•        Inter-American Court of Human Rights
•        European Court of Human Rights
•        African Commission on Human and People's Rights
•        International Court of Justice
•        International Criminal Court
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Bogle & Chang team handles international
matters including:

  • Human Rights
  • Trade
  • Business Transactions
  • Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration