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Estate and Planning Law:  Wills, Trusts and Probate
Estate Planning

• Wills
• Revocable Living Trust
• Testamentary Trusts

Probate and Trust

• Summary Administration
• Formal Administration
• Determination of Homestead
• Determination of Exempt Property
• Trust Administration and
Incapacity Planning

• Durable Power of Attorney
• Limited Power of Attorney
• Designation of Health Care
• Living Will

Medicaid Planning

• Income Trusts
• Personal Services Contracts
• Supplemental Needs Trust
Bogle & Chang, LLC offers practical and creative solutions for
planning our clients' estates with a strong emphasis on protecting
their assets.  We assist our clients estate creation, including:  wills,
trusts, retirement planning, and establishing foundations and other
financial issues.

Our Estate Planning Group helps clients examine real estate,
personal property and gift issues.  By doing so, we take steps to
maximize wealth for intended beneficiaries while ensuring flexibility
for the client.  The Firm assists its clients, in conjunction with their
accountants, in Federal and state tax law planning.

Probate and Trust Administration
We also assist in probate and trust administration and business
transition issues, including life insurance trusts, buy-sell
agreements and related documentation.

Medical Issues and Hospice Care
Bogle & Chang helps you handle the choices associated with
medical issues and hospice care through the preparation of doctor-
and hospital-accepted health care and financial directives, together
with power of attorney forms.

Estate Plan Design
A well designed estate plan transfers assets to our loved ones in a
manner that best fits the life circumstances of our intended
beneficiaries. It reduces or eliminates the associated costs, such as
estate and income taxes, probate court expense, and legal fees.
We help our clients plan for the protection of their property and the
success of their loved ones.

Implementing an estate plan requires more than just properly
crafted documents. Equally important are how assets are owned.
Also critical is the careful selection of the primary and contingent
beneficiaries for those assets that have their own beneficiaries,
such as annuities, IRA's, 401K's, and life insurance.

A balanced estate plan takes into account not only the expected
size of our net worth upon our demise, but also considers the
unique needs our beneficiaries.

Every plan is different.  We will work with you to design an estate
plan that addresses your specific concerns and goals.  
Questions to Consider:

  • Do you wish to avoid the probate court rules,
    delays, and expenses?

  • Could an heir be too young to receive an

  • Should the inheritance be phased in at certain

  • Does an heir have a disability or any special

  • Is the intended beneficiary in a difficult marriage
    with the possibility of a later divorce?

  • Do you have children from a prior marriage?

  • Should you protect the inheritance from the heir's
    potential creditors?

  • Are there any taxes that can be avoided?